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The Best Presents by Real Men are Origami Animals

Posted by Lisa Johnson on

The other evening, Chris announced he had made a present for me, in honor of one of our monthiversaries.
This is the second time in our relationship he's been inspired to create something.  I'm not sure why, but I keep picturing him whittling a wooden lamp base. Some kind of mid-century modern type deal with curves and etched sides.  And somewhere there's a lathe involved.  
Maybe it's some kind of manly fantasy, the wood fixation - him in a forest, axing down a tree, hauling it home...all that labor.  It's kind of a turn on.
Anyhow, he showed up Thursday night with a small paper bag that weighed nothing.
 "Open it now!" he grinned.
Inside was a folded piece of paper. "Guess what it is?"
A raccoon?  A cow? "Put it down and stand it up - then you'll see!"  
The little origami animal looked up at me, with its psychedelic eyes, and I could finally see.  "A psychotic leopard!"  
Anyone can buy a gift, but it takes a spectacular someone to craft a good one. This miniature paper creature, with its individually drawn spots, swirly eyes, and tiny paper clip between its legs to keep it standing straight defines the man who crafted it, his attention to detail, pride, and love for me.  
I can't be the only woman who prefers this to a gold tennis bracelet.  So ladies, go find yourself a real man who knows how to use his hands.

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