psy·chot·ic leop·ard sīˈkädik/ˈlepərd/ noun · anything that is funky, interesting, beautiful, niche, useful, and grabs one's attention

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About Us

Quite some time ago,  Psychotic Leopard's Lisa discovered that she was pretty good at the "hunt." She goes under the radar for all kinds of treasure with an eye for detail, quietly stealth, like a leopard sneaking up on its prey at just the right moment.  

 After selling her treasures online for over 18 years to more than 20,000 satisfied customers to date, Lisa came to the realization that thousands of other people share her psychotic taste for what she calls "compliment grabbers.”  

Psychotic Leopard sells anything that is funky, interesting, beautiful, niche, and or/useful. Many of its products are so unique and positively weird that they are conversation starters, and often a perfect prop used to connect people to each other. 

Her customers often send her little thank-you notes and feedback on the reactions received to wearing items she chose, or photos of finished DIY pieces created from what they purchased on her site.

If you have any special requests of something for Lisa to hunt for - she loves having shopping assignments! - contact her  at  

Also, be sure to visit her Ebay shop, Psychotic Leopard, for more psychotic treasures at

For more information on how Lisa became Psychotic Leopard, see her blog, "Interview with Psychotic Leopard's founder, Lisa Johnson."  

Psychotic Leopard's founder Lisa Johnson is an online entrepreneur, artist, world traveler, and published author of the book, Rite of Passage: Tales of Backpacking 'Round Europe.  Her writing has also been featured in Tearsheet modeling and fashion magazine, Playgirl, Writer's Digest, and Mothering magazine.  Her "Books By The Foot" art was recently featured on Buzzfeed which generated over 25,000 hits in one day, and went viral