psy·chot·ic leop·ard sīˈkädik/ˈlepərd/ noun · anything that is funky, interesting, beautiful, niche, useful, and grabs one's attention

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HORSESHOE CRAB Steampunk Chain Art Necklace Living Fossil Art Belly Plate Chainmail Wall Hanging

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You won't find another like this - handmade by me!  Authentic horseshoe crab / Mesolimulus Solnhofen belly plate / necklace / body adornment - fit for a rocker, someone with muscles (like model athlete, Brandon), or runway!  Made with original horseshoe crab (living fossil), vintage brass oar shackles, brass fishing line, and chunks of carnelian stone from Africa!  If you're not a daring fashionisto, hang it on a wall!

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